Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oracle Stored Procedures with Custom Java Code

Togheter with the Oracle´s official Structured Query Language PL/SQL, and the open-source statistical analysis language bundled in the Oracle Data Mining package, R, we also have the possibilty to use and integrate another great technology in our database: Java, the world's number one programming language in enterprise environments.

The usage of Java inside stored procedures in pretty much simple: you just need to create a standard stored procedure "linking" to your custom java code. Here is a short example:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION    your_function_name( p_arg1 IN VARCHAR2) RETURN NUMBERAS   LANGUAGE JAVA   NAME 'your_java_function_name(java.lang.String...) return integer';

public static int your_function_name(String separator, String args) {     ...your java code...

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